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Nordic Organ Competition 2020


Orgel Stavanger Konserthus Ryde Berg Fot






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17.–20. september 2020. Stavanger, Norway. The competition will take place during the 30th Norsk orgelfestival. This is the second edition of the Nordic Organ Competition. ​


Marilyn Brattskar, Director of music, Holmen Parish Church, Asker

Olaf Eggestad, Associate Professor of music history and performance practice, University of Stavanger

Ivan Sarajishvili, Cathedral organist, Stavanger Cathedral

Inger-Lise Ulsrud, Associate Professor, Norwegian Music Academy, Oslo


Fifth member of jury to be announced. ​​​​


Skjermbilde 2019-11-17 kl. 08.13.01.png Skjermbilde 2019-11-17 kl. 08.13.09.png Skjermbilde 2019-11-17 kl. 08.13.16.png Skjermbilde 2019-11-17 kl. 08.13.27.png 



First Prize 

NOK 30,000 and recitals at

  • St Mary’s Parish Church, Bergen, 2021

  • St Olav’s Parish Church, Avaldsnes, 2021

  • Oslo Cathedral, 2021

  • Norsk orgelfestival, 2021

Second Prize

NOK 15,000

Third Prize

NOK 10,000

Audience Prize

NOK 5,000 

(based on the Final Round at Stavanger Concert Hall)​​






Deadline 1 April 2020 

Applications (name, address, phone number, email address) must include a musical curriculum vitae/short biography indicating artistic training. Applications must list in detail the works performed in the three rounds. For more informations read the repertoire guidelines. ​​

Please send the application together with an audio or video recording for the qualifying round to​

We recommend using WeTransfer to send larger files​​





The competition is open to candidates from the five Nordic countries (Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland), or persons who have lived in these said countries for a period of two years, and who are born after 1 January 1987. ​


The registration fee is NOK 600 per participant. The application is accepted when the registration fee has been received. We ask that the fee is paid by 15 April 2020, to the following bank account: 

Account name:  Stavanger kirkelige fellesråd 

Norwegian bank account no:  8160.05.49138 

Bank account IBAN:  NO4281.60.05.49138 

Bank code:  BIC DABNO22 

Comment:  Project 105 Nordic Organ Competition

In the event that the attendee withdraws his/her application the application fee will not be refunded. ​





A recording must be sent, together with the application, by 1 April 2020. The recording must include


- Two contrasting movements from a suite or a mass by Guilain, Marchand, François Couperin, Grigny or Clérambault​

- A chorale prelude from Orgelbüchlein by Johann Sebastian Bach

- A work of 4–7 minutes duration composed after 1850.


The recordings will be adjudicated by the following jury:

Ivan Sarajishvili, Mariko Takei, and Arnfinn Tobiassen.





Organ specification:

A maximum of 6 candidates will be admitted. The candidates will prepare a 25–30 minute programme, which must include ​


- A large scale Prelude/Fantasia/Toccata and Fugue, by Johann Sebastian Bach

- Fantasia for organ, op. 83, by Johan Kvandal. The music can be ordered from Norsk musikkforlag: 





Organ specification: 

A maximum of 4 candidates will be admitted. The candidates will prepare a 30–35 minute programme, which must include​


- Two contrasting movements from a Sonata (for organ) by J. P. E. Hartmann, Arild Sandvold, Oskar Lindberg or Otto Olsson



1. The competitors will be notified of the result of the Qualifying round by 1 June 2020 

2. At the end of August 2020 the organization will notify the participant of the rehearsal times for the Semi final round. 

3. For the Semi final and Final rounds, the order of sequence in which the competitors will rehearse and play, will be determined by casting lots prior to each round. 

4. The competition is “open”, which means the names of the competitors will be announced both to the jury and the audience prior to his/her performance. 

5. During the performances each candidate receives help to operate the registration sequencer as well as help with the page turning. 

6. The jury will make its decisions in meetings which are not open to the public. Such decisions are final and incontestable. 

7. The jury is entitled 

a) to dispense with awarding prizes, or 

b) to split a prize. 

8. The organization may cancel the competition if the jury estimates the number of applications too low. 

9. The costs of travel and hotel for the participants will be paid by Norsk orgelfestival. 

10. The Semi final and the Final are open to the public. 

11. A work can only be performed once by the same candidate during the entire competition. 

12. It is strictly forbidden to make any kind of recordings during the Semi final or the Final round. Norsk orgelfestival is free to make video/sound recordings which they may publish on the web. 

13. No legal action can be taken. 

14. Each participant automatically accepts these conditions when applying. 

15. All items in the General rules may be subject to modification. 







Norsk orgelfestival 

Stavanger kirkelige fellesråd 

Postboks 201 Sentrum 

4001 Stavanger


Administrator: Ann-Karin Både